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The Department and the Graduate School of Business and Management

Ming Chi University of Technology has set an excellent example of successfully combining theory and practice and inaugurating a new technical education system. By fostering the spirit of diligence, perseverance, frugality and trustworthiness through on-campus life education and cultivating students' practical problem-solving abilities via practical training, we hope to improve the present, create opportunities, and foster future developments to reconstruct Ming Chi as the model institution for technological and vocational education.


The Department of Business and Management offers BBA, MBA and IMBA programs, aiming to educate students to become management professionals. IMBA offers international students a platform for performing their creativity as well as their cooperative, communicative, and proactive characteristics through various competitions, workshops, seminars and study abroad programs.  Furthermore, IMBA  emphasizes the core educational philosophy, which is to enhance students' expertise competency, integration implement the strategies of practical teaching and industry-academic cooperation, and devote ourselves to students' best learning with the abundant resources supported by Formosa Plastics Group, the largest private conglomerate in Taiwan.


Our students have not only high employability after graduation but also an excellent performance at work. With these achievements, the Department of Business and Management has been selected as one of the hottest departments in Taiwan.  Now we have international students from Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Mongolia and Gambia.  Welcome to study abroad and apply our IMBA program!